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Young Democrat's Women's Leadership Conference

We believe that the world of progressive politics would be a far better place if more women were at the table-- whether as candidates, elected officials, political operatives, consultants or policy makers.

While our mothers (and their mothers) shattered ceilings and opened doors, we find that old boys networks still exist, and women just aren't nearly as well represented in public life as they should be.

So what can we do? We can #trainup to build our own networks, figure out how to lift one another up, and promote ourselves professionally-- lets have each other's backs.

And we can thank those that came before us and who are working along side us to make change happen.

On Saturday, Nov. 7th, YDNC's Women's Caucus is hosting a Young Women's Leadership Conference. Any progressive young woman (under the age of 36) is welcome to join us to learn how to network and negotiate like a political #boss. We'll teach you how to build the network you need to get your foot in the door, and then negotiate your salary when you get offered the job-- with a special eye towards political careers.

Then, that evening, we'll take some time out to recognize the progressive women of North Carolina who have fought to get us where we are and who continue to fight alongside us. Conference attendees will get a chance to put those new networking skills to use. And women from across the state will come together to celebrate women in political leadership roles.

We hope you will join us on November 7th!